About Deb Martin

I am a fifth grade classroom teacher in a suburban school district in eastern Kansas.  I began this blog to show my students to not be afraid to try new things.  Over time it has evolved into my views and reflections about teaching.  I recently became a Front Row Ambassador for http://www.frontrowed.com.  I enjoy exposing teachers to strategies and technologies they may not be familiar with yet.


2 thoughts on “About Deb Martin

  1. Hello Deb. I am a preschool teacher who works for a center that calls the old Sinai school home. We are trying to get some photos and info to build a display of the history of this building. I came across your blog in my search. Would you have any thing you could contribute? Hope to hear from you and thanks for any help!

    • I went to Sinai from 3-6 grades. I’ll talk to my mom and see if she has pictures. At that time it housed 3-6, music, PE, library, and had a Special Education room for Sinai and Edwardsville Elem. students. It also was the summer migrant worker school. That’s why we were air conditioned and the restrooms had showers. The cafeteria was in the basement. You had to go outside to enter. On bad weather days we got to go through the office. At one time the district had historical information on it. I’ll check and get back to you.

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