I think most people have heard of Bucket Lists. They range from fairly normal things to do to some extraordinary things to do. Of course the point is to not wait, to accomplish these things before you die. But have you considered a Teaching Bucket List?  What would you like to do in your career before retirement?  Here’s a few of mine so far.

My Teaching Bucket List

(in no particular order)

  • Attend a national education conference like ISTE, ILA, or NCSTA
  • Present at a conference
  • Meet members of my Twitter PLN in person
  • Attend an EdCamp in an area or state other than my own
  • Create a recording studio in my school
  • Start a Twitter chat in my district
  • Earn my doctorate
  • Teach first grade (I’ve taught 2nd-5th)
  • Implement Teachers Throwing Out Grades
  • Become a Google Certified Teacher
  • Teach in a project based school like EPIC Elementary in Liberty, Missouri or Apache Elementary in the Shawnee Mission School District in Kansas or 
    • create that type of school in my own district
  • Go storm chasing for a weather unit
  • Create a YouTube teaching channel

I actually began this post quite some time back.  So, happy to say, I have actually crossed off two, and have begun work others.

Item #3-Meet members of my Twitter PLN in person

Last week I attended #edcampLiberty.  While there I happened to notice a familiar face.  From the name tag I could see his name and Twitter handle, Dave @DavidGeurin. Now, I am basically a shy introvert in new settings.  However, something got into me that day to work towards overcoming that quality.  So, I walked up, introduced myself by name and Twitter handle.  I believe I sounded like an idiot, but he was very gracious and thanked me for following him on Twitter.

Item #5-Create a video recording studio in my school

This year I wrote a Donors Choose proposal for an iPad mini to go along with my @TouchCastEdu green screen, lapel mic, and tripods.  Thanks to generous donors I received the iPad mini.  We’ve created Christmas cards for parents, interviewed members of our school community for a writing project, and recorded students reading Dr. Seuss books.  The Dr. Seuss videos were shared with other classrooms in our school.  Some students are currently learning to podcast and will present their first project soon.  I’d like to keep expanding the projects like recording a weekly news show and a weekly video from me to add to our weekly newsletter.  I have aspirations of inviting other classrooms to use our studio, or even moving the green screen to a central location where more classes could use it.  My students would be able to train and assist other students with using the technology and the studio.  I want this to go beyond my classroom walls and become one for all to use.

Item #6-Start a Twitter Chat in my district

Last year I worked with the elementary coordinator for my district, Kristl Taylor (@Trending3-She’s now moved on to to Lawrence Public Schools.), to create a Twitter chat for our district.  It’s changed names twice, and I believe with the help of our District Technology Integration Coordinator, Cindy Swartz (@swartz_c), it will be changing to #232connect.  This will hopefully integrate the chat with a district wide desire to share what we’re all doing on a daily basis, and not just during monthly chats.  It’s been slow going, with only a handful participating each month, but that’s ok.  It will grow.  It’s not about the quantity of participants, but the quality of what is shared.

I’m not sure of how many items I will be able to cross off my list before I retire.  Early retirement is in about eight years.  Either I get busy real fast, or better yet, I’ll just keep teaching for a while longer.

So, what’s on your Teaching Bucket List?



A Teaching Bucket List

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