What Are The Colors Of Your Teaching Rainbow?


My last post was inspired by my trip to Mount Rushmore. This post is inspired by the return trip.

On the way back from South Dakota we ran into a storm. I absolutely love the beauty of storms. As we headed into Nebraska, the bright sun was behind us. and the dark blue of the approaching storm in front of us. The stunning contrast of the two produced not one, but two complete rainbows that we were able to follow for quite some time. It was both beautiful and breathtaking. It started me thinking about poetry, so I decided to write an acrostic poem about teaching using the first letter of each color of the rainbow.

My Teaching Rainbow

Reflective upon my teaching
Organizationally challenged, but I’m getting better
Yapping about the latest professional book I’ve been reading

Grateful to those who’ve helpled and inspired me

Brainstorming new ideas for my classroom
Inquisitive about the world around me
Vital to the success of my students

Think about your teaching rainbow. What would your rainbow say about you?


2 thoughts on “What Are The Colors Of Your Teaching Rainbow?

  1. I love storms, too. They do inspire the artistic soul that cries out in my brain. Your use of an acrostic poem to reflect on your teaching was fun to read. Thank you for sharing!

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