Why name a blog One Room Schoolhouse?

What?  A one room schoolhouse?  Do those even exist anymore or is it just a fond memory from Little House on the Prairie?  Well, I think the answer is really both.  Teachers don’t really teach the grade level they are assigned.  Rather, we have a classroom of students who may be a grade level above, on grade level, or even below.  Isn’t this what Laura Ingalls experienced during her time as a teacher in a one room schoolhouse?  What did she do?  She found the strengths and areas of growth for each of her students, planned lessons in order to differentiate, and created integrated lessons (yes, it’s not a new concept).  This is what we are continuing to do, we just have a few more bells and whistles.  So, I decided to name my blog to reflect both my love of the Little House on the Prairie book series and what we teachers experience on a daily basis.  I’m hoping this blog will enable me to share what I learn about utilizing blended learning in my classroom.  Sometimes I will have successes and even tips to share, other times I will be sharing the messier moments on my journey.  In my classroom my students know learning is a messy business and that’s ok.


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